In Memory’s Lap

February 1, 2010 Off By Pratibha

Ideas storm my tiny brain
you won’t rest, will you ?
another nudge to the cells
eye should not miss the scene
a twitch in the heightened sense
no whisper even must miss the ear.

I know this scene,
I know this voice…
It beckons me now,
the time is to rise…

Images flash in my heart
you won’t fade soon,will you ?
another memory passes through
mind should not miss the details
few muscles move in the face soon
as the smiley tears mark their trail.

I know this memory
I know these tears
It reminds me again
to shed my fears…

Fabrics caress my finger tips
you won’t stay still,will you ?
the texture gets crushed by hands
nose should not miss the smell
hairs fall on the nostalgic arms
as they steady the love filled chest.

I know these clothes
I know this aroma
It tells me of ways
to comfort any trauma…

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