Fashion Fads !

February 1, 2010 Off By Fried Guest

“Fashion”… a vague word with tremendous significance for the stylish folk world over.

The trend of following fashion fads, I believe, cannot be traced back accurately in time. But it cannot be denied that fashion does rule the young and not so young alike. Everyone wants to, or at least secretly desires to, look pretty and in tune with the “in “styles. But the dilemma is what exactly is “in” and what is “out”. More complex is the question as to who decides what is “in” and what is not. However again, we the common folk or the lay men are not concerned with who decides and why but we are mainly curious to know what styles are the styles of the day.

Well that apart, fashion, be it about clothes, the latest accessories or the newest hairdo usually spreads like wild fire as every second person in town adorns that “in look”. People irrespective of the fact whether the particular style suits them or not are seen to be in the latest (and also very frequently weird) fads. There’s nothing wrong with being fashionable and stylish. But I believe that style is always individual. It is not only about garnishing oneself with the newest and hottest attires and accessories.

Just make a simple speculation. Fashion fads are mostly proliferated by the idiot box or by models. In both cases the people demonstrating the latest styles are professionally groomed and accessorized. Moreover, almost all of them are professional models or actors. We, the people who pick up these trends, however are ordinary normal people with average looks and not so proportionate bodies. Professional grooming and accessorizing are far off dreams. Thus, is it really practicable or feasible for us to totally imitate the styles of such groomed people? I believe not.

Firstly, we are the “aam admi” the mango people. Besides every single person has a personality and individuality of his own and it is not necessary that the latest styles have to agree with or suit him or her. Well again, that is only one side of the story. The second important thing that I would like to stress is that style is not just physical appearance and looks. It is more of a matter of attitude and the way a person carries himself. That is it is a matter of confidence and mannerisms.

We really need to think and rethink if there is an actual need to follow and run after the newest trends. Beauty is subjective; and imitating trends does not make one beautiful. Beauty will reflect only when it comes from within a person. That is when a person is beautiful from within. A beautiful soul radiates even from people who may not be categorized as pretty in the conventional sense of the term. Hence if you think that you are pretty from within stop running after these fickle styles. These so called fashion fads are actually just temporary amusement techniques and commercial ventures which are just aimed at exploiting the masses ruled by style, which again fade away over a period of time. But if you really want to look stylish and chic just wear the right attitude and trust me you will definitely be considered “in”.


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