Alice in wonderland wandered
down into an upside-down world.
What to do to escape from reality?
Reflections in the mirror lie,
we are not what we seem to be.
The world is too much with us
and we are too much with
the world.
Sorrowful is she who knows
all grief stems from knowing.
Acid Lsd Morphia give me
To remember is to die
to forget is to live.
A centipede balls up on touch;
a touch-me-not withers on you.
We could all own a protective shell
lulling us to oblivion,
un-bothered un-fettered un-loved un-hurt.
The biggest vanity is to learn
The toughest to unlearn.

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1 Comment

1 Comment
  1. are we all Alice?…never will we know if what we do is ever right…anyway what is wrong and what right?…even that is relative!
    great poem…insightful and deep

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