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    Ways to Save the Planet by Cleaning Your Home


    People across the globe always talk about global warming and effects of various things on the environment. Have you ever thought about how and what is your contribution towards the safety of the planet we live in. People shout about taking some beneficial as well as strong steps for the protection of the planet. Frankly speaking there is no need of taking strong steps what required is little concern as well as consciousness among the people about the atmosphere. If each and everyone adopt some simple ways to clean their home it may do a lot for the environment. The different ways to save the planet by cleaning and maintaining homes are as follows –

    Use Environment friendly products
    Be environment friendly by using products which don’t contain any harmful chemical or contains. You should take care about small things to save our precious planet. Start using environment friendly household products for cleaning and maintenance of the house. Try to use phosphate free detergent for washing dishes and other laundry items. Recycling is considered as the best thing we can do to the waste products to save our environment it will help you in minimizing the wastage disposal on the other hand will save things for creating the new product. Try not to dump your perilous waste products near your house or in backyards. Dump all your toxic waste material to the dumping area provided for dumping such materials. Try to reduce the use of harmful pesticides, roof coatings, paints, or polishes for the household products.
    Preservation Of water and air
    Preservation is the way which can help us in saving our planet. We have to make sure about prevention of the wastage of natural products. We should try to save water and air from getting polluted by minimising the use of hazardous chemicals or other harmful contents. On the same side we should reduce the use of water especially in bathing washing and other terms so that it can be prevented from wasting. We should make a regular checking habit so that we should check out for the leakage and any other issue causing water wastage. On the other hand we should try to protect our air too from being polluted by regular maintenance of our cars and other sort of applications like chimneys. Avoid burning of woods in open places to avoid air pollution. Try to avoid use of toxic paint and other products.
    Energy efficiency
    Energy saving is the most vital factor for the prevention of the planet. We should save energy to make sure that we can implement it on other things. We should make a habit of turning off switches and other energy using applications or appliances like room heaters and air-conditioners whenever we step out of the room. On the other hand we should reduce use of lights when it is not required for that purpose we can open windows or ventilation to get some natural lights at least during day time.
    In simple terms we can say that small effort from our side can secure our planet as well as our future too.
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