Monsoon Memories Of TV Stars

July 15, 2017 0 By Fried Eye

Monsoon is here bringing in joy to everyone’s life. Here are our favourite TV actors talking about their best memories of the rain

Aniruddh Dave: I remember when I had just shifted to Mumbai some years back and was immensely homesick, without any friends and family. At that time, someone took me to Lonavala and I had no idea what Lonavala even was. I had bhutta sitting at tiger point and it was raining and that was the first time I actually felt happy being away from home.


Rashami Desai : I love rains! The sweet smell of the soil during the first rains is so pleasant. Whenever it’s raining, I have to go on a long drive. I like to drive through the rain with some amazing music playing in the background. I love eating corn, that’s my monsoon favourite. Of course, there cannot be anything better than chai and pakoda in the rain.


Laksh : My best memory of the rains is from my college days in Delhi. We had bunked college for a picnic in the rains. I had a blast eating whatever I could. I remember I used to hog on sev puri and puri aloo.


Ssharad Malhotraa: I used to go on long drives in Kolkata, my hometown, with my friends, during the rain. Kolkata looks so green in the rains. I used to love the smell of wet soil. Drinking kadak chai and eating pakodas used to be fun.


Adaa Khan: I have been brought up in Bandra in Mumbai. Going to bandstand and eating bhutta with hot chai used to be awesome during the rains. I used to love going to the beach to see waves during this time.

Rohan Ganotra: In my school days, I used to enjoy getting wet in the rains with my friends. Everything seemed romantic at that time. I liked the smell of wet sand.


Rajshri Rani: Monsoon is my favourite season and I love it. The smell of wet sand, the cool water, everything about the rain is so amazing. My best memories of the rain is getting wet with my friends…it used to be so much fun.

Vivian Dsena: The rains mean party time for me. Just sitting at home watching the rain from my window feels so amazing. I remember watching the rain through my window with a hot coffee in my hand. That’s what the rain reminds me off. I have had the best house parties during the rain because the weather is good and everyone wants to party at this time.

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