How To Impress Your Boss

May 15, 2012 3 By Fried Eye

A sentence that is commonly uttered by bosses is “think out of box’ . We are coverng almost every aspect of any kind of relationship in our current edition, so we in FE decided, why not something about a Boss- Subordinate relationship? And as you know the key to a successful Boss- and under-boss relationship is by impressing the boss..

Though hard work is supposed to be the universal and politically correct means of impressing your boss, I am sure not even a single employee is going to agree with that while all the Bosses will unanimously agree with it, so what if in actuality it isn’t so always.

But this isn’t being politically correct.This is about ‘thinking out of box” and hence even the popular answers of praising him, laughing at his stale jokes, carrying out his errand, complimenting etc etc will also be exempted from our list of ‘how to’s .

Without much ado we present before you the list of Fried Eye’s ‘How to impress your boss’?

-The best way to impress your boss is by making him look good and impressive. Even bosses have their superbosses to whom they are answerable or they have wife, media or the general public. If you can make him look good in front of them or help him in enhancing his image, 25 % of your battle is won. The downside is that you have to initially let go of the credit, which he will hog by himself, but can true brilliance be overshadowed by a mere dark spot called Boss? So wait !your day will come too.

-The boss isn’t always right- Yes you don’t have to say ‘The Boss is aways right’ at all. If you feel – if you are confident that Boss is not right just that you don’t point it out to him. Let sleeping egos lie . You do not need to tickle it awake. So what do you do if you come to know your boss is wrong? One -you can silently correct his errors without making it known to him, if at all you are very concerned about the fate of your product.

Second- you can let him be and wait and watch. If nothing happens then fine. If he is proved wrong then he will need a scapegoat. And scapegoats mind you,are impressive. But our advice would be to go for the first option. That way , you protect your product, maintain a silent dignity instead of a mud slinging match and make your boss look good which brings us to point one.

-Ttry to be independent but do take his approval. Do not bring your ego here. It is an official procedure and ensures your protection too. Be sure to get your project endorsed by him, sharing credit with him. You might feel bad sharing the credit for your hard work, but be assured that in any kind of mishap you have your boss to share the blame with you too. No doubt he is impressed because he gets a part of fame, but you don’t need to crib either as you get your insurance .

-Cultivate a talent like singing or the salsa steps or the table tennis shots. When your time comes to shine through in a get together or an office meet, just let go of yourself and become the talk of the office for those moves. The next time your boss will surely remember your name.

-A pretty girlfriend or wife or a handsome famous boyfriend / husband is also a good way to impress your boss. It is the psychology you see. If you are good enough for such a hot successful personality, then obviously you are hot enough for him/her.

There is actually a thin line between impressing your boss and making him jealous and you need to toe the line delicately. It is in fact a tight rope walk where you have to maintain a delicate balance between them. If you manage to do that, then congratulations! You have mastered the art of managing your boss successfully.

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