How to survive valentine’s day if you are single

How to survive valentine’s day if you are single

February 15, 2012 0 By Fried Eye Research Team

Valentines day probably lists as one of the top – “Wish it did not exist day ” for singles , cynics or more so for those recently-turned-single people and surviving one such day is indeed an ordeal in itself. Its a pity indeed :while they have fun, you sit at home like a nun, and that wasn’t a pun. Our apologies for that little frivolity but now back to business. Some one even inquired of us specially, if we had survival tips for the day and that resulted in this – our own take on “How to survive valentines day if you are single”.  Of course you have the option to keep your mind busy and away from the disturbing thoughts, but we are sure you tried that and since it didn’t work out hence your visit here. The key to surviving this day or the week preceding this day is of course to turn a blind eye to the surroundings but that is easier said than done. Over enthusiastic friends will hunt you down just to share their plans – from dresses, to gifts, venues to lingeries – in other words every minute detail, making them appear more an enemy than friends. So the key point in our tips will be the word AVOID. The variations will be just in the ‘how to’-

First and foremost- Disappear. If you can afford a holiday to a remote island, all the better. Just laze in the sun, forget the human race and feel free. Who knows you may find someone special in the solitude like Tarzan/Mowgli or even Brook Shields. Even Himalayas are a feasible option. The yeti shouldn’t be worse than a valentine’s day in the city.

But if that is a bit out of reach for you, then shut yourself up indoors. Take flight to the basement. Imagine yourself in the midst of an alien attack like i  War of the Worlds. Board up the windows. Lock the doors. Take your food. Shut the TV, radio, phones everything and pray for salvation from your alien like friends.

A big No is trying to find out what your exes might be up to. There is this temptation no doubt that they too might be going through the same ordeal as you, but there is greater chance that they are no more single and have already mingled. If that too is impossible, then take up a cause, sit for a dharna in some place busy, creating a nuisance. If you are lucky you will be arrested for a day and thus receive legal protection in a way. If you are luckier, then you will get prime time footage in all the TV channels. But the luckiest thing that can happen is that, some like minded person from the opposite sex might join in and you will get an opportunity for a national coverage with state sponsored valentine’s day date.

But again if avoiding is not at all possible then you will have to take the bull by the horns. There are always ways of tackling situations, whatever that might be.

Step one- search for a couple(friends or relatives) with the peskiest kids.

step 2- offer to babysit fr them while sending them on a date

step three- At the end of the day retrospect after surviving the kid. Don’t you feel you are lucky to be single or else who knows… what is in your fate . Your kids could be peskier .


Or on a serious note, volunteer for some social service. Join up to help the senior citizens for a day or organise some party in an orphanage. Make someone’s day by surprising him/her with a treat. Someone -who is less luckier than you. We guarantee you, you will always be remembered for this gesture by them for making their day special unlike those ex lovers that you have dated in the past. We know that it cannot replace the feeling of being loved by your love, but making a day of your life worth while in this manner will undoubtedly have a deeper significance then just cribbing and sulking in a corner. So like our Editor says- Go on- Show some love.

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