How to find the perfect phone mate:

How to find the perfect phone mate:

September 1, 2011 1 By Vinayak Gole

Ashish, my neighbour at work, felt ignored on a particular Monday morning. His phone was grabbing all the attention. The Blackberry Torch with a million apps and a zillion features, with a smooth polished body and a screen more interesting than Aishwarya’s eyes was the star of the floor. Everyone wanted to get a look at a phone that had reduced Ashish’s bank balance by Rs. 30k. The one person not happy, was Ashish.

The phone was a waste he said. A fresher, he had hoped to get a phone that would be useful. Only, this phone seemed more of an eye candy than a real mate. “I made a mistake. This phone is a phoney. It’s definitely not my ideal mate.” He said to me. Which got me thinking.

Everyone has different preferences and a phone as to fit in, has to blend into your personality like a magician’s wand. A wrong wand could spell disaster. Likewise for a phone. Luckily, a phone does not need a wait, as in the case of finding a soul mate. All that is needed is some research and a thorough understanding of needs.

1.      Know your needs:

So what are you? A student with constant messaging needs? An executive who needs to constantly check mails?  A music buff? A photographer? Stock trader who needs to constantly check the markets? There is a phone for every need.  What would an executive do with a phone with fantastic multimedia but minimal email support? Likewise what would a stock trader do with a phone without 3G or Wi-Fi support? Make a list of your needs. What is it that you are really looking for? Once you have a clear picture of the qualities that you are looking in your mate, move over to the next part

2.      Research:

Research the internet and you will find a million sites with details reviews of every phone in the market. Carefully go through the reviews to narrow down on a list of phones. Check on the warranty offerings, service centres and post sales service.

3.      Narrow down on potentials:

Once you have a list ready, it’s time to narrow down on the potentials. Visit the nearest store to have a look at the phones and decide whether the reviews really do justice to the piece in hand. Look out for the details such as features, comfort, ease of use and support for future technologies.

4.      Find deals:

Now comes the toughest part. Finding deals could sometimes be very taxing. Look for deals on online shopping sites or stores that deal exclusively in mobile phones. Another effective way of finding a deal is through group buying sites.

5.      Buy it:

Yes! Finally it’s time to get into the store and pick up the phone. Be sure to check the phone with the battery, just to be sure everything is in place.

With this list firmly in place, finding that right phone mate should be as easy as finding the right soul mate. Pun intended.

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