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    15 Kitchen Tips- How to become Kitchen savvy!

    1. If the curry gets salty, add roasted rice powder or peeled potatoes to absorb the extra salts.  Roasted rice powder will thicken the curry but it does not change the flavour. If you drop potatoes they can be taken out if you don’t want them in the curry but be smart enough not to over cook the potatoes.
    2. Avoid potatoes or raw bananas getting brown by dropping chopped pieces in a bowl of water. This way you need not hide those brownish sticky stains on finger tips and nails.
    3. Keep few bay leaves in a flour container to prevent moisture attacks.
    4. Add a pinch of sugar while boiling green peas to retain the fresh green colour.
    5. Leafy vegetables remain fresh longer, if wrapped in newspapers or kitchen papers when storing. If the spinach leaves are large, wash them, clip off the wilted or broken parts especially from the rim of the stems, absorb the excess water by kitchen papers and roll them one by one by placing alternately a leaf and kitchen paper or newspaper. Put the whole wrapped spinach leaves in a plastic bag by letting out the air and tie the opening tightly.
    6. After boiling eggs till hard, drop them in cold water for smooth and shiny look after removal of shell. To prevent them from cracking while boiling add a pinch of salt
    7. An apple among potatoes keeps budding away.
    8. Avoid using plastic chopping board to prevent small plastic pieces mixing with chopped vegetables.
    9. Chilies without stems stay fresh and longer in refrigerator.
    10. Hang a peacock feather to scare away lizards.
    11. After boiling noodles, drain away hot water and add cold water and drain it away to prevent noodles from sticking to each other.
    12. Pour cream or milk to shimmer in the last stages while preparing Punjabi dishes like Rajma, Chole, mix vegetables, Shahi Paneer, Palak Paneer, almost anything ( but not in Baingan ka Bharta) for a great taste!
    13. Put a few grains of uncooked rice in the salt pot to keep it from sweating in the Indian summers
    14. Use baking soda as a cleaning detergent sometimes for sparkling steel sinks.
    15. Add some sugar (1/2 teaspoon) and a potato in Rahar or Toor Dal (Cajanus cajan) to avoid forming gas. Don’t add too much sugar as it will make it sweet[1]

    [1] Contributions from Fried Eye team: Manipadma, Radhika, Pramathesh and Sanjeeta

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