A Guide to Taking Photographs in the Rain

A Guide to Taking Photographs in the Rain

July 15, 2011 0 By Fried Guest

Fried Eye says- While surfing on the net for some photography tips we came upon this lovely site by the name of Digital Photography Advisor which had some wonderful articles for photography fans which covered a vast range of topics from as basic as buying a camera to tips on setting up your own studio and photo editing. It also had Tutorials written in a very precise and simple language on almost every topic on photography and even articles on photography schools and careers. On getting in touch with them for an article, they generously agreed to share some rain photography tips with our readers. Thank you Heather for this lovely article.

A Guide to Taking Photographs in the Rain

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Photo Credit: Heather Bettison

One of the many things that every photographer should keep in their camera bags is rain protection. You can buy raingear for your camera from most photography stores or online. If you don’t have a quality professional rain cover for your camera you can improvise one with a plastic bag and rubber bands. 

-Cut the end off a gallon sized plastic bag so that you have a plastic tube. Put your camera in the bag so the lens points out of one of the open ends. Secure the bag around the lens with a rubber band. The other open end of the bag can be used to control camera functions and look through the viewfinder. Use a lens hood to protect your lens from getting droplets of rain on it.

-Finding cover in the rain will also help protect your camera. Try taking pictures from your car. Just remember to roll down the car window. You can also take pictures from under awnings or through the window of a building. You can even try using your camera while holding an umbrella.

What to Photograph

 -Rainy days provide you with interesting photographic opportunities. Make sure to add elements of the weather to your pictures. Try taking pictures of reflections in puddles of water. Include umbrellas in your picture. A brightly colored umbrella can add visual interest to a picture on a gray, cloudy day.

-When the rain is really coming down it can be difficult to capture in a photograph. When that happens take pictures facing a light source. Backlighting will help the rain show up in your photography.

 -Rain does have its advantages. Many times areas that are normally crowded become practically abandoned in rainy weather. Use that opportunity to get pictures of those areas.

No matter what the weather remember basic rules of composition when you take pictures. Pay attention to the background and foreground and think before you shoot.

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Heather Bettison is an amateur photographer who enjoys sharing her love of photography with others. Find more great photography tips at her website http://www.digital-photography-advisor.com known by Digital-Photography-Advisor.com

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