How to evade getting fooled on Fools’ Day

April 1st, as we all know, is the day of fooling people and also being fooled by people. It’s a day when you tend to be cynical about each and every word that strikes your eardrums and also receive similar speculations over the words that you utter. Now, I won’t go on to citing the history of this ‘bamboozling day’ (Trouble Google for that)!  Rather, let me enlighten you with some really simple but substantial ‘fundas’ on how to save yourselves from being tricked on this treacherous April diurnal. So if you really want to brag of your intellect ‘at the end of the day’ then all you have to do is scroll down:

1)      The first thing you need to do on this day is to ‘not trust a single living soul’, be it your mom, dad, siblings, friends or spouse/partner. According to many amateur psychoanalysts (like me of course) human beings tend to become very misleading and deceiving on the 1st day of the fourth month. They develop such a fraudulent psyche that even their family members are prone to being fooled.

2)      Secondly, stay as far as possible from your fourth basic need i.e. your cellphone. There are instances where a single call or text has cost one his/her reputation of being a shrewd hominid. However, in case you find it extremely difficult to live without your ‘mechanistic soul’ even for a day, be sure to authenticate each and every call and SMS you receive.

3)      One of the most perilous weapons of mass fooling in the contemporary era is social media. Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and many other socializing apps are used vehemently on this day by a section of people with hoodwinking intentions. As such, be careful not to fall prey to any deceitful updates and tweets.

4)      Fourthly, the ‘in a relationship’ ones need to be extra conscious on the Fools’ Day for they stand the highest possibilities of being victims to some ‘heartbreaking’ pranks. I still remember my ex calling me up at 12 in the midnight to tell about her new boyfriend which, fortunately though, didn’t disturb me much for I was actually dating another girl. But everyone cannot be as dexterous a rascal as me! Therefore, the only way to prevent yourselves from being conned by your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is to be judgmental on whatever they speak. However, you must also be careful not to cross the ‘line of doubt’ for it might have unprecedented ramifications on your relationship.

These, were a few tips on how to ‘evade getting fooled on Fools’ Day’.

However, since the Fools’ Day is approaching, let me also illuminate your minds with a few innocuous pranks that you can try out this time:

1)      Since the board exams have been over recently you can try calling up a candidate and tell him about the possible declaration of the results two or three days hence and have a hearty devilish laugh.

2)      Tell your mom that you have accidentally spilled water over the kitchen’s floor and enjoy her wrath for a few moments.

3)      Intimidate your classmates by telling them about a surprise test in the subsequent period and rejoice in their momentary hysterics.

4)      Tell your sister that you have inadvertently showed your mom the pic of her boyfriend and laugh your heart out at her furiousness.

5)      Ask one of your friends to find out the prank that you have played on him which you actually haven’t and make him scratch his head for the whole day.


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