How to Fix a Broken Heart?

How to Fix a Broken Heart?

July 1, 2011 0 By Manjil P. Saikia

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There is only thing that superglue can’t fix, and that’s a broken heart! Now, the previous sentence may not be correct technically, but what the hell, it’s true anyways. There is no one more miserable than someone who has had a heartbreak recently. And it goes for guys as well as girls equally. Having my heart broken countless times (well yes if you count the number of the times I had to look back twice at a girl on the street and figuring that the person holding her hand is not likely to be her brother!!), I think it’s safe to consider that a person can live even after that. I don’t feign myself to be an expert on this topic, but then at least I could give it a try and assuage some of your feelings.

Let’s see what can be done to keep you hale and hearty and at the same time sew back (or maybe mend) your broken heart. Fried Eye can be good cure; maybe you can start reading the hundreds of posts that have been complied here over the last year and a half. But seriously jokes aside here are some of my fundas:

  • Go out and eat to your heart’s content!

A broken heart is directly affected by an empty stomach. It’s an anatomical fact and whoever says its false needs to see a shrink. What do you care if he/she has left you for someone else? At least you still have hot chocolate dripping by the side of the spoon to look forward too. My advice would be to shed all the tears you like for a day and then party it out with a few of your best buddies. But on the flipside remember not to go anywhere where you had gone on a date with your ex. That may result in some loss of appetite.

  • Switch on your laptop and have a go at F.R.I.E.N.D.S or The Big Bang Theory.

Well, if you are not much of a “Friends” or TBBT fan, then replace it by any other humorous TV series you like. Perhaps “How I met Your Mother” would be a bad choice in this case. If you don’t like watching TV series, then  go to the theatre and watch a horror flick, at least that may put in some sense and remind you how horrible your ex was. But caution notice; Never ever go to a mushy romantic flick! That can ruin all the progress you have made.

  • Stop visiting your ex Facebook profile or his/her girl/boy friend’s profile.

I know all of you have a Facebook account, and its more than human nature to keep on visiting your ex’s profile to see if he/she is doing ok without you. This is a very bad practice and most often it can result in tears to see his/her new status updates saying how they are so much happier than they were with you. Stop it, do not visit their profiles any more. Maybe you can even consider unfriending them for a while or blocking them completely.

  • Read a good book preferably a thriller with no hint of romance in it.

A man’s best friend is a good book, or so says the good old adage. Perhaps it’s right. Give a detective novel a try, who knows you may like it. Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot are my all time favorites. The sheer fact that they are fun and have no trace of romance in them is what makes them a perfect companion for a broken heart. However, if you are not that into the classics, then maybe reading your hero’s biography or even Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” can be a good idea. But whatever you do, for the love of God never pick up anything written by Cecelia Ahern or Nicolas Sparks!

  • Stop sending texts/email to your ex.

Now this is a serious advice, if you want to get over your ex then stop sending them meaningless texts or emails saying how much you miss them or love them. The fact of the matter is that, they don’t care anymore because accept it, they were the ones who at the first place broke your heart. So, it’s highly unlikely that they are going to come back to mend it. The best idea would be to delete their number altogether, and if your memory isn’t that good then maybe that will be the end of it all.

  • Take a long vacation with your family.

Nothing can cheer up than watching your family together with you, in some exotic place, where the only thing that is in the air is happiness, laughter and love. Believe me, sometimes the mere presence of family members can help you feel comfortable, wanted and of course loved.

So, there you go. Those were my tit bits on the whole heart break affair. Don’t worry too much about it, life is quite long and I am sure everyone will someday find someone with whom they will have a laugh about the whole heartbreak thing. So, till then keep reading Fried Eye and tell us what more you would like to learn.

P.S. If you are a girl, if you had a recent heart break, and if you are reading this then the author has some more interesting suggestions. Why don’t you get in touch with him?  😛 😀


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