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    Weekend Fun Recipe: Jamaican Jerk Chicken drumsticks | Non-Vegetarian |



    4 chicken drumsticks

    30 ml vegetable oil

    5 gms Muscavado sugar (brown sugar)

    30 ml cider vinegar

    20 ml rum

    10 gms pepper powder

    2 gms nutmeg powder

    10 gms cinnamon powder

    Salt to taste

    50 gms chopped onions fried brown

    30 gms Naga or scotch bonnet chili, 2-3 diced

    5 leaves fresh thyme

    20 gms garlic, fried



    Make diagonal cut marks on chicken pieces. In a round bottomed bowl add all the ingredients except chicken.

    Whisk lightly

    Add chicken pieces and marinate for 30 minute

    Grill over a medium charcoal fire

    Serve hot, sprinkled with crushed black pepper


    Jamaican Jerk Chicken drumsticks

    Jamaican Jerk Chicken Drumstick



    Recipe Courtesy: Barbeque Nation