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    Food has always played an important role in our life. The urge for those dishes that one loves the most, makes a person hungry. The very temptation of having the desired menu makes our mouths water in the hope of a meal of utter contentment and that too if it’s a home cooked meal prepared by none other than our mom or grandma. Special obsession for my mom’s dishes always bring smile on my face. I am from the beautiful wonderland of Jorhat, a city in Assam, which has continuous skylines of tea gardens. With a microbiology degree from Dibrugarh University, I’m based in Pittsburg. Distant from home, sometimes, I try to make use of the best available vegetables to cook dishes to get the ‘home’ feeling.

    I have prepared, a simple lunch with Plain rice and Squaas (Chayote) sabji cooked in black mustard seeds & Jerra (Cumin seeds). Bahu ( Catla fish ) sour curry with Jeeka ( Ridge gourd) and the most special Aloo pitika (mashed potato) having dhania (Coriander ) & oil fried fenugreek seeds in it as well as pudina ( Mint) paste is always a real treat to my taste bud . With this food, I remember the magic touch of my mom’s cooking blended with unique Assamese cooking style. The whole supper make me feel very special.

    – By Rakhi Phukan Saikia , from Pittsburg