Mushy Fried Eye

November 15, 2010 1 By Sanzeeta

These are some culninary innovations to decorate the archive of Fried Eye. Pramathesh , so many times drummed me into my ears on obscure and absurd ideas about frying eyes. I had inhibition of doing so as my mind did not allow to peek into the slaughtered animals. Hence, I decided to take some simpler methods to make these frightening items. Never knew mushroom would wonderfully take the form of an eye until I tried these out. So, get ready and prepare for a brash party


Fish pieces
Button mushrooms
Lemon juice
Red chilli powder
Salt to Taste


Mix a pinch of turmeric powder, salt and red chilli powder into the fishes. Sprinkle few drops of leom juice over the misture. Fry the fish pieces in oil until golden brown. Fry the mushroom slightly . Slice a button mushroom into two halves and place them on the fried pieces of fishes. The dish is done.

Variation: Put red hot chilli sauce to give a bloody touch. One can place carrot pieces or green peas over mushroom for popped – up eyes.

Enjoy the brash bash!!

Mushy Fried Eye
Mushy Fried Eye
Mushy Fried Eye