Aloo Masti


* 4 medium sized potatoes
* 1 medium sized onion
* 5 green chillies ( or red chillies add colour)
* Leaves of 6/7 green coriander
* 4 pieces of garlics
* 1 tea spoon of mustard oil
* Salt to taste


* Boil the potatoes and cool them in cool running water. It retains the colour
* Chop corriander, onion, garlic, green ( or red) chillies finely.
* Add the teaspoon of mustard oil and sprinkle the salt to taste.
* Mix all the ingredients and mash the potatoes. Mix well.

Enjoy ~!~

7 thoughts on “Aloo Masti

  1. Sergio.. the real flavour is from not heated mustrad oil. It’s good to eat as side dish. the combination is boil rice, a bowl of cooked boiled pulses ( dal in hindi) and aloo masti ( aloo is know as potato) masti means joy. however since its needs to be local language i.e. in Assamese it is called pitika.. hence the dish is all about smashed boiled potatoes. Have fun !!

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