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Since last few years , the world has been witnessing some changes, some good , some more bad , but yes we can undeniably sense a change. Our planet is getting warmer , climate changes are becoming frequent,animals are approaching extinction and we are fast running out of fuel. While earth and the human run out of fuel, we are running out of time. If those were the natural changes which certainly doesn’t come under the category of good, we did see some good changes like awareness and acknowledgement by the human race about some of our follies like excessive industrialisation and attempts at correction. Awareness in the arena of socio cultural scene was also seen in many countries which is again a good sign.

So all I wanted to say is that though we keep on lamenting about the doubtful future of our future generations, it is however interesting to note that we seem to have been born at the crossover period. Optimistically speaking though we are in the verge of a major crisis, we have been born at such period that we have seen better days of some things and probably will see the better days of certain others. Crossing over is a difficult time which has its agonies as well as thrills. Death is also a crossover. What we are witnessing is probably the crossover of a phase of evolution or even existence. Que Sera Sera- what will be , will be, we can’t avoid that . We just need to do what is right in the greater sense as there is nothing called Absolute right and leave the rest ..to? To the future , to our destiny as you might want to believe.But till then carpe diem- siege the day, siege the moment whenever you can for you are in a beautiful world and are probably part of a very important moment in history of mankind. So this Diwali, just sit back and watch the lovely intermingling of nature and fire- one of the oldest technology of the world – the play of the lights against the beautiful dark night.

Once again, wishing you a happy diwali


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