August 1, 2013 Off By Editor

A lot has been going around lately. And to each, his own. For some, the most important news might have been the reconciliation of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. For some the hottest news around might be Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif holidaying in Goa. Again, some are going ga-ga over the new-born heir to the English kingdom. And there are some who are either rejoicing, or protesting or cursing the Indian Government’s decision to create the new state of Telangana, and the anticipation that something similar will happen in Assam as well.

For us in Fried Eye, everything is important. Everything, including the politics, the issues, the gossips, the fun, relationships and also the heartbreaks. And I am glad to see that people are making efforts to either agree or counter argue with opinions published in Fried Eye in the form of their very own contributions. (With special reference to the post ‘Why should girls take all the Blame?’, which looks pretty much like an answer to the last issue’s ‘The Perfect Girlfriend’.  It seems, it is also the season of realizations and people rediscovering themselves. And hence this issue gets dedicated to something that not only helps people get over heartbreaks and other issues, but at times gives them a new life altogether; a fulfilling life where they know who exactly they are. Hobbies are not simply sources of time-pass and enjoyment, but often great healers and at other times a way of life altogether. We hope the best can be made out of this issue’s content by every one of you.

Have a good read.

Tinam Borah

Issue Editor

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