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Stories are probably one of the most important parts of our lives. The stories that our grannies and parents narrate to us as a child stay with us, and at some level even help us perceive the world around. Of course they also inspire many of us to grow up and be storytellers ourselves. To create our own stories, to share with the world… and then hope for that appreciation that makes the hard work worth it!

This issue we decided to give you a chance to come out and tell the world a story. Our super talented writer Tinam Borah has started a story for you. It has all the ingredients that should make for a fun read. Now it is up to you to give us a cracker of an end! So put your thinking caps on, and write! Needless to say, the best entry not only gets published, but rewarded.

But before you start out, you might find some tips from Pratibha’s piece on writing.

In the meantime, we know it is summers and most of the country is waiting for the rains. We have tried pooling in stuff that makes for some interesting reads for the season. Plus of course we also have Miss Cellany trying to understand why people always wish for more, and end up indulging in corrupt practices – something that makes for a compelling read in the wake of the recent IPL match fixing episodes.

Hope you have an enjoyable time reading. And writing!

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