Jonathan makes a Sex Tape

June 15, 2013 Off By Fried Guest

-By Jonathan Lalthanglien Inbuon

Sex education may be a good idea in the schools, but I don’t believe the kids should be given homework. – Bill Cosby

What will they think of me? What will be their reaction? Is it a new trend or do i miss something? Am I just outdated? Do I need to reboot my brain with a higher version of intellect? I feel the need to make one, just to make myself stay in the game and the assurance of it that I will be very very popular. Who doesn’t want to be popular? I do not know why people make sex tapes. Is it the road to fame? I do not have an answer, but if the answer is yes, wait up, I am definitely taking that ride. But is it? Really?

I apologize because the headline is a bit misleading. What it should have said was Jonathan discusses making a sex tape (??). Like all of us, I turn to those scions for answers on what is currently cool? It seems other than the regular waves of change in fashion, new looks and the endless desire to be popular (not in Facebook though), is making a sex tape. I’m not sure why this is cool, but if almost everybody who are in a relationship are doing it, it must be a positive and uplifting experience (pun intended).

 Something inside me said, other than to gain mainstream Indian porn industry attention or to be an over night local celebrity, it could be for educational or for critiquing purposes. Yes, quite not convincing, but it could be that too. How could it be for educational or for that matter a critiquing purposes? Yes, it’s a good question to ask. After all, I had my football games taped and the football pro watched it and critiqued it. Although my football techniques have not improved, perhaps for those who taped their live sex acts their sex life/game would.

I am clueless.

If they ever wanted to have sex with their lovers or partners I say it’s okay, be it fornicating or anything, let them have it anywhere any time, but not filmed it. Why? Somewhere somehow, eventually somebody will see it. Having it filmed, I guess it will be like holding a grenade with its pin pulled out, ready to explode the moment it is released from the grip of a strong arm. Strong arm? Yes, as long as they are in love, but who would do such a thing? Oh! There are many of such videos of different qualities depending on the devices with which it was taken. And, I have seen many of them :evil-grin: If it’s not leaking then at least the one who has it in his hard disk drive or in his memory chip can access anytime anywhere and if that thing is not encrypted or kept it hidden, then again it is open. Either way it’s an easy road to popularity. The only reason that popularity is different from the popularity we all know. Oh! Their expression, the way they wobble their bodies huh! Disgusting.

For all those scum of our society, who so far reading this much of the post to add to their layers of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing would like to name me names: pervert, snob or a lunatic. Let me tell you all something to enlighten your ill brain. Give them to your kids enough dose of sex education when it’s time, it’s not a taboo it’s a simple way to show you love and want your God given kids to be on the correct path of popularity.Teach them, I know we are all different from each other. We all have similarities, but there is great richness in our differences. ‘Sex education’ is something our parent’s consider taboo or something we all will learn as we grow, but with the number of sex videos surfacing it is clear our parents are failing. Yes, it is our differences that make us popular. And as long as it is consider a taboo we can expect/will have to see more coming

 As I often wonder will we all ever feel entirely satisfied with life. We need to keep so many plates spinning at any given moment; it’s almost impossible to keep them all spinning at the same speed continuously. A slight wobble here, a slow-down there. At that time why makes sex tape? It is more shameful than same itself, why be so foolish to stoop so low while everyone else is rising?

Turning to Hollywood, I remembered the only celebrity sex tape I ever saw was the one with Paris Hilton. As I recall, the cinematography was just fair and the lighting was poor. I made a mental note that if I ever figured out a reason to make a sex tape, I would use two cameras and have brighter lights.. (Oops..Do I just say that..I Jass Die!!)

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