May 16, 2013 Off By Editor

The unknown always intrigues, fascinates us. A baby of six months is fascinated by the fire and she/he wants to touch it. Teenagers and many adult find love and sex mysteriously attractive and tantalizing. They seek it out. The mountaineer wants to climb the highest and unclimbed, newer planets or world, attracts the astronauts, new principles and policies mystifies the scientists. And so we like to taste the new experiences that are thrown to us. The new movie, new adventure sports, gambling, drugs and so on and so forth. Some seek knowledge after every possible challenge has been met and defeated. New challenges excite us to move on to the next level and so this is how we lead our lifes. Always in search for the new and unknown experience.

Only two type of people aren’t in this race of mystery and intrigue-

One who has seen all

The other who doesn’t bother to see anything at all, because survival is the only thing he sees. Surviving yet another day is his only foray into the unknown.

Today we bring before you another mystifying subject , the unknown and unexplained,  occult and paranormal which we have named as Chills and thrills and yet which is a subject that continues to attract young and old alike.

There has been debates and discourses on its existence and purpose but the fact remains that it is still is a grey area that nobody has decoded.

And so hope you find this subject fascinating and chilling as we did



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