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Otike moromor mugare mohura
Otike moromor maku
Taatu koi senehor bohagor bihuti
Nepati keneke thaku

( I Love the bobbin of golden thread
I love the beautiful sound of the shuttle
But I love even more
The month of Bohaag
For its Bihu
How can I not celebrate? )

As spring ushers in, the environment gets vibrant with cuckoo and brain fever birds singing. Bright coloured flowers blossom making the surroundings colourful. It is the festive season and everyone is in a holiday mood. Not that they don’t have any work or don’t want to do any work, it is the cool breeze that flows through that makes everyone to stop a while and enjoy the moment. Here in Assam, it is the time of Rongali Bihu and everyone is in a colourful mood like the festival. The kids form bihu groups and visit each home in the village singing Hussori and wishing them a happy and prosperous year ahead. This culture really helps in instilling a sense of music in a child at a very early stage in his life added to to the fact that he also learns social skills.

The Hussori by elders is also a captivating experience in itself. The whole environment is vibrant with Bihu naams (Bihu Chorals) accompanied with intense Dhol beats, or the Pepa (A wind instrument made of buffalo’s horn) energizing you. The whole experience releases you from all stress, and what better way can someone have for starting a new year.

While in some parts of Assam, especially the Bengali populated areas like Silchar and Karimganj, people organize Ganesh Puja praying for an auspicious beginning of the new year.

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Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.

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