And the rest…

And the rest…

February 15, 2013 Off By Fried Eye

Music, Food, Movies, Fiction, Poetry- what else did we need to make Fried Eye grab the eyeballs, was the question we faced once we made ourselves self sufficient and that is when we decided to explore research based articles, lesser known subjects pertaining to the North East and issues that had relevance to the current times.

And so the Fried Eye research team came into being which came up with some eyeball grabbers like the Monsoon Festivals of the North East, which won the hearts of many.


The research was extensive, the subjects chosen with great thought and that’s what made them special. After all how many complete and extensive articles do you usually find over the internet on Moina Parijat, Jon beel mela, the Ambubachi mela, the flood menace of Assam, the history of North Eastern states or if you search in a lighter vein then about the mythology and paranormal myths?  Very few. Not for any reason do they say that North East India still lies hidden among the shadows of rumours and hearsays.

Not only the northeast, but topics from various corners of the world were written about- anything that we thought needed sharing, even subjects which were dark like in The memories that mankind could do without.

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If the research articles have even slightly helped any interested person pursuing more information on those topics, we will feel gratified and consider our labour as not being in vain.

What do you think about them? Do read them and let us know.

The People and their Passion :-

We had always this thing for conversations, with people who has been inspiration of sorts to many. Not necessarily celebrities or Bollywood biggies, but people from among us who had dared to dream and had sought to achieve their dreams in spite of obstructions and hardships.

We had always endeavored to bring before you frequently our conversations with such people, achievers in their own right and heroes in our eyes. Not only people but we had some enlightening moments while featuring enterprises, start ups and organizations all with a mission and zeal , after all motive and drive are the things that has an universal appeal, isn’t it?


Dirty Hands, Wanderlust, Colonel Premchand’s mountaineering academy, A Limca book of records national record holder all became a part of our memories with Fried Eye.

Sometimes we had some brilliant articles from equally amazing guest authors that made our efforts for our small dream called Fried Eye worthwhile. An encounter with the Masai Tribes of Kenya is one such popular article that never loses its charm to time.

Surely Fried Eye is defined by the people who have touched it in numerous ways and the essence lingers on still.

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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is one of the magic that we came upon, the magic that we have spoken in our introductory post this issue and we came upon each other just at a time when we were in a fear of stagnating. Chain Reaction made us whole. We were running our e zine in a clock work precision manner, but chain reaction brought a certain spontaneity and freshness to what we already were trying to portray and project before our readers.


Shahwar Hussain the key player in Chain Reaction a travel and leisure group with emphasis on adventure biking, is an amazing writer with a keen sense of observation and a natural flair for narration. His biking tours throughout the north east india caught the imagination of our readers completely with his captivating words coupled with some beautiful photography


Lightroom Poets

And finally we had lightroom poets! Starkly beautiful photography, lovely words and vivid imagination! They really lighted up the souls of quite a number of readers and completely changed the statistical dynamics of Fried Eye. If you have not yet read their magnificent creations then this is one thing we strongly recommend that you read without any delay. Just click on the link and you will be there.



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