September 2, 2012 Off By Editor

First of all our apologies for the delay in bringing out our edition . We really do not have any excuses for it other than malfunction of the technical support, shortage of manpower, resources, and slight confusion. Now did I list too many? well that is what we are good at as Indians, throwing excuses. I guess we still haven’t yet cultivated the art of standing up and saying- Yes , we are sorry . It was gross mismanagement on our part.

Well let me try this stunt at least- “I am sorry. My mismanagement. ” Phew that was simple. Sometimes it is as simple as that – owning up your mistake and facing the consequences. That’s a thought now. We are humans , not Superhumans, nor does any one expect us to be so. So I guess it is quite alright to just let know you erred on your judgement instead of going on a blame game spree. One can lie to the world, but not to oneself. If you know it, then just admit it and end all trouble .

But of course as one of my seniors said-‘ Sorry cannot make a dead man alive’. Sorry shouldn’t be the gateway to your redemption and escape. It’s just letting go of a burden from your mind and soul. Sooner or later consequences will follow irrespective of whether you admit it or not. Admitting an error is just a simplification of every sort of confusion. Yours as well as others.

On that note I will leave you to go through our current issue which is based on the theme- Abstract which has a powerful yet lovely narrative from Lightroom poets and some lovely articles from some very talented writers.

Have a great fortnight


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