Top 5 Internet Browsers for PCs: My List

September 15, 2012 Off By Pramathesh Borkotoky

For the past few days, we have been very analytical about how our readers behave in Fried Eye website. We came to know that people use many different internet browsers. From that, sprouted an idea for letting you know my choice of top 5 internet browsers. These list is in no particular order. Hope you like it.


  1.  Google Chrome: Although, it does not preloaded with any operating system but it has gained respect as the most popular internet browser in significantly small time. Google is committed towards a faster web, and in this respect Chrome delivers websites to the users computers faster than many other competing browsers of its time. It is a considered to be one of the most secure browsers of our time. However, it is still to achieve 100% protection against traditional malware. In a February 2012 report, Google Chrome 15 prevented against only 34.1 % malware URLs. Having said that, if you download a malware with Google Chrome it is still stuck with its sandbox.
  2. Internet Explorer: If you are a windows user than you must have used it. Although, its popularity has dipped since the release of Google Chrome but the fact remains it is still used by many people. Many banks allow internet banking only through IE, so you need to have it even though you use it occasionally.
  3. Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is one of the early adopters of web technologies if not innovators making them one of the top browsers. It was going strong and was about to become the most popular browser when it was orphaned after Google released its own internet browser. One tends to install too many extensions in Firefox making it slow over a time.
  4. Safari: Safari is designed to be safe like many other Apple products. It provides full protection from malware and other phishing sites. It comes as a default browser in Mac OS and is as fast as most of its competitors. The speed comes from the fact it is a light weighted browser. Safari chose light weightiness over bulky customization options.
  5. Opera: The problem with today’s generation is that they take it for granted the way internet is today. Opera is one browser that has always been known for being innovative but it could not become the most popular browser due to some wrong business decisions that it made in its past. Features like parallel downloads, download manager (pause, resume, restart, download history), pop-up blocking, content blocker (aka ad blocking manager),   sessions, private browsing, tab stacking, speed dial which are all part of modern browsers were first released in Opera. They are always coming up with new innovations. Opera claims to be the fastest internet browser. The optional Turbo engine can be enabled for slower networks. Web pages are then delivered after compressing in Opera servers.

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