May 15, 2012 Off By Editor

After the attempt to address issues of graveness as in professions and careers, we have brought before you an edition, this time, that deals with the many aspects of relationships. Though it sounds frivolous at the first instant, just pause and think- Is it really so? Why, I had an idea that our whole life centered on our relationships- with our family, friends, spouse, work, yes even the society and government. Life was one whole circus or roller coaster ride that led us through the many windows and themes based on our different relationships at different points of time. So while the whole of India is caught in the frenzy of Satyameva Jayate, of issues of utmost importance and looking forward to a sort of socio-educational revolution, a mass awakening; When the whole of the nation young and old have sprung into a war like mode against corruption and duty towards the country, we would like to just remind you that- In the midst of all the commendable action, just don’t forget to spare some time and spare a thought for those whom you are the world, those who wait for you at home with eager eyes and a lonely heart. You are supposed to be heroes of not only of your country , but of your family too.

Hope you have a pleasant fortnight and an enjoyable experience reading our e zine.


Executive Editor

Fried Eye

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