Even the best laid plans can go awry- At the precise moment I know three individuals or groups who are thinking on the same lines. One of course is yours truly as can be assumed by the delay in our edition this time, and the other two? One, I guess will be Anna Hazare after the Lok Pal bill situation failed to resolve and the third one; our ruling party after the FDI impasse. All eyes will be on those two issues, as they carry a great significance and impact on the future of our country. Can the politicians and the leaders  rise to the occasion, look beyond their individual interests and take a decision for the greater good? Can we expect this of them? Only time will tell or maybe we have to tell them with time…

Speaking of time reminds me, that we are certainly going through a tough period. Just when we were trying to come to terms with the loss of  Dr Bhupen Hazarika, we lost another literary gem, Mamoni Raisom Goswami , close on the heels of the demise of musical Stalwart Ustaad Sultan Khan.  Indian literature and art scene has suffered huge setbacks this year.Hope the new year brings happier tidings for all of us.

They say, death is a kind of liberation, an union with the supreme being, yet why do we mourn the dead and oppositely celebrate life which is supposed to be a struggle and a battle ground? We mourn because of the finality of death, maybe, The knowledge that we will never, ever, hear them, see them, know about them. We lose them forever. Death is easier to explain, but life? That is indeed complicated and so is politics…

On that note I will like to take leave of you and make way to our other interesting articles, which I hope will help you plan your holidays well for the coming days


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2 thoughts on “Editorial

  1. Thanks Amit for your encouragement as usual. Yes we do believe in being human but a better human that is 🙂 and yes you do have leadership qualities. so if you decide to lead by example , which you always try to, it would be a great service to the Nation. Think about it.

  2. “The very first thing which goes for six in any war is the well discussed Plan.”
    That is how we call in our profession and prepare ourselves for any such eventualities at the eleventh hour. So not to worry, “TO ERR IS HUMAN” and i am very much sure that in Fried Eye you take the pride in being human 🙂
    so its okey, even if it is late – d efforts should be there and then leave d outcome on the destiny.
    “Its nvr too late” dey say … rather its better late dn never 😛
    hmmm .. abt Politician, what to say – des days if u wanna call sum1 names jus tell him dat YOU ARE A POLITICIAN and be ready to face the repercussions and if u have ny iota of doubt on ur muscle strength then better to run frm der 😀
    “Ganda hai par Dhandha hai yeh”
    its all power and money des days – der is no LEADERSHIP qualities. There is no character strength to lead .. they even speak in their election congregation while one eye at the speech written in hand and one hand in d sky to make some gesture as if they are d sole fighter for the freedom of the country (u can see Mayawatijee like dis in her speeches )
    even if sum1 is trying to spk wdout paper so he is jus vomiting out venom n dirty jokes abt der opponent and spk nuthng fruitful as a leader ( for example Rahul Gandhi )
    Sometimes i feel i shd b the leader bt dn i look at my bank balance and then realize fauz is 1000 tyms better … bt if every single individual would think like me dn hw wd der be a better picture of better politics in our nation.
    so i feel more participation is needed.
    Youngsters need to be taught frm der childhood onward dat being a politician is nt a crime – it is jus that present politicians are nt ethically n morally upright…

    lets see weather this bill meets its destiny as what Anna has seen or would it meet d same ages old politician’s dream – NOT TO PASS it.

    i cross my fingers 4 better future tomorrow ..
    May Nation gets good and effective leaders soon who have the guts in der heart rather dn BLACK MONEY in Swiss Banks

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