Reveries by the Riverside

Along the tranquil waters of the Dhansiri
Patient fishermen huddle beneath
Tattered umbrellas, abloom with flowers
Toiling and sweltering for an ample catch.
At a distance, a frisky lass in a mirror-work skirt
Dry ragged clothes at the river-front.
In the pastel blue sky above
A jade green kite swerves and swoops
Wandering aimlessly in the company of chalky clouds
Floating preetily like great swans.
A mellow and misty haze
Illuminates the wind-ruffled river
Where fleeting colors and patches of light and shade
Drown with the evening’s progress.
Goats tail a young shepherd home
While cows chew cud in a surf green meadow
A boat charts a lonely course
Through the sun-burnt marmalade waters
Which mirror Oaks, Birch and solitary trees
At times dishevelled by the gushing wind.

Words poured in as they sat ruminating
Over sun-warmed corroding boulders
Overgrown with grass, reeds and springy turf
Swathed in the tangerine evening hues
As momentary silences puncuate their untamed laughter.
Somewhere a falling Oak leaf swirl and drift
To the melody of retro tracks
Traversing from a timber-framed cottage
The wrinkled leaf soon kiss the shimmering water
To float and sail in the blue unknown.

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