September 15, 2010 Off By Editor

As the monsoon season is coming to an end, it leaves me with some very good and some not so good memories. The good memories include the moments when I enjoyed dancing in the rain. Facebook was flooded with rain poems, and I saw a host of different viewpoints regarding the rain. They were absolute delight to the readers. I also remember how my brother makes me smile by singing Anu Malik’s ‘Dekho Baarish ho rahi hai’ in a truly Anu Malik style.

The rainy season has another side, the bad side that we all hate to see but we are made to see. Many of my good friends in Delhi, got ill because all the water borne diseases. And the perennial problem of floods continued to be even more effective this year. Even places where flood was not to be seen for quite a long time, flood left their mark. Floods though seem to be a problem in rainy season, but it has after effects which take at least 4-5 years to recover. Farmers cannot use the land for agricultural purposes for at least 4 years. Roads get damaged and the river sand left after flood doesn’t allow the future roads to last for a long time. Flood also damages a lot of property which we accumulate over a lifetime, recovering them is not easy. The floods are really bad, and it is worse than it actually sounds. There are countless things that are damaged beyond recovery. I just hope that the right people come forward to help solve the flood problem. We are in 21st century and I hope there are countless solutions to it. With this hope, I leave for today.

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Pramathesh Borkotoky

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