June 15, 2010 Off By Editor

The media persons can be very cheeky at times. Recently, a news came in NEWSLIVE, that the World Cup fever has strangely not yet caught the people of Assam unlike most parts of the world. The reason was simple, long hours of load-shedding. As the mercury is rising the amount of load-shedding also rises. Well, it was a very effective way of presenting a news.

Electricity is the primary foundation for progress of any state. The Govt. should try to focus on providing uninterrupted electricity. Everything is dependent on electricity. During load-sheddings, people sit idly and laziness creeps in or if they do some other work, things become messy and their is a low level of concentration effecting their efficiency. So,in order to progress we need electricity and govt. should provide it to us. It is our right.

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