July 1, 2010 Off By Bhoothnath

(July 1, 2010 – July 14, 2010)

Aries- You will try all tricks in your book to take some unauthorized leaves from your work place. Force won’t work , charm will. In case of personal relationships , it will be the other way round. Force will work on you.

Taurus- Your better half will try to convince you that you are stubborn, and the harder he/she will try , more stubbornly you will deny it. Some arguments are best lost.

Gemini-Another failed association and you will be wondering why. Simple ! Because you are like quick silver and it is difficult to hold your attention for long.. This fortnight will not be a dull one. Your dual ness ensures that.

Cancer –The weather will be just perfect for you this forthnight. You will be having some memorable ‘ only me” moments . enjoy while the going lasts.

Leo- Your ego will take a heavy beating when almost all your predictions will go wrong. Be it football , weather or even the whodunit which you were planning to watch with your friends. So it will be better to keep one’s mouth shut and ears open.

Virgo- “Tussling” times ahead for Virgos. Be it between your work or home, mother or your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or friends , even tussle for the remote of your television set, you will be caught in a tussle throughout the forthnight. Life couldn’t be more hectic than this.

Libra- You will be caught off balance by a very tempting and attractive prospect this time.- Be it a new Guru for the spiritual, a new scrip for the investors or a new girl/ guy for the romantic at heart.

Scorpio- You will feel very possessive about one of your material possessions, so much that you will be neglecting your near and dear ones for it. Difficult times ahead.

Saggitarius- Your sweet temperament will attract people in droves.- Make way- the new agony aunt/ uncle is here! But try not to get too involved with your subjects.

Capricorn: – Try to keep your strategy for your top priority project, a secret. It is quite good and if anybody gets a whiff of it, they will steal it. But there is no need to act paranoid either.

Aquarius :- You will be perplexed at the latest development in your life which will leave you wondering why the sudden change when everything was going on smoothly? Nothing new this fortnight for you. You will still be wondering at the end of the next fortnight.

Pisces :- A “hurricane” is about to enter your life, changing your orderly, neat and disciplined lifestyle into total mess and chaos. But you will enjoy each moment of it. Sometimes mess is fun.

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