I was talking to a friend when he mentioned that in New Zealand, May month is celebrated as the Music Month. It is a promotion run by NZ Music Commission every may with other organization. Music for New Zealand is like expression of their culture, and Music Month is the epitome of this. New Zealand’s music is influenced by the Indigenous Māori and immigrants from the Pacific region, though New Zealand’s musical origins lie predominantly in British colonial history, with contributions from Europe and America. As the nation has grown and established its own culture, local artists have mixed these styles with local influences to create music that is uniquely New Zealand in style. The overall goal of Music Month is to grow awareness of homegrown music. It is like a national Jam Session happening in various parts of the country during the month of May.

The whole idea sounded very fascinating to me, as India is one country that can boast about it’s variety in culture. If we can also have a music month, it would be great for our country. This will enhance the musical thinking in our country which will solve many problems that we have as a result. If you happen to be present in a gig, you must know that how relaxing it feels after it. We release all our inhibitions and enjoy the show with a great lot of people and nothing can be a better stress buster than this in my opinion.

Ending with a hopeful note that someone would read this and make this happen.

Pramathesh Borkotoky

Executive Editor
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  1. Well, Chennai Music season which happens every year in the month of december-january attracts a large numbers of artist from within India and abroad. It is even hailed as one of the largest cultural events in the world. The music season started in 1927 and has bee going strong since then promoting classical music especially carnatic music.

  2. I guess many a time the countries attribute the Music Week or Music Festivals to such similar notions as well. Which sometimes last a month. 🙂

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