Dreams, Hopes and the Rainbow

April 1, 2012 Off By Tinam Borah

The last droplets of rain
landed on my feet,
As I sat there, beneath the leafless tree.
Benign silence pervaded the air
with nothing but the birds trying to play with the wind.

I needed a moment with myself
To read my own thoughts
They were illegible…
They were etched in a heart,
that was not mine.

The dreams that were drawn
The hopes that were built
Have been dead since long.
Only the ashes of memories remain.

Was it worth it? I ask.
It probably wasn’t.

The rain had soaked me,
not with wetness
but with guilt, numbing my senses.

The end should have never come
But it did.
Only, did it have to be so ruthless?
The answer fails me.

A thin ray of the sun fell on my trembling hands,
that were drenched in the rain
The raindrops glistened.
They looked like dreams!

The numbness started to fade
As I stared at the sun
and the faint rainbow that appeared from behind.
It looked like hope!

I closed my eyes and let go…
Reading the silence again
It felt like myself
My awakened self!

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