She vigorously rubbed the sindoor off her forehead. The burnt marks on her body were still fresh. Clad in white, she took a last look at her husband’s life-less blood-stained body. He had killed her happiness. She killed him. She then turned to the police and held up her hands to be cuffed.

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  1. Tinam Borah (Author)

    @Daktar- Well, ok… I promise… The next time I write one, it won’t be on the darker side.. It’ll be a happy one.. But I’m glad you liked the others anyway 🙂

  2. Pramathesh Borkotoky


    Not alll of them, most of them. Our 55 F authors are fans of crime noir and we are working on getting other people also.

  3. Just wondering. Why are all the 55 F stories featured here on the darker side? Read a few of them earlier and it seems to have a distinct ‘dark’ flavour.

    Thats not saying that I didn’t like them :). Loved all of them

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