Being Myself

May 1, 2012 Off By Tinam Borah


Deep inside my heart

I bore the feeling this long

Not any more, though!

My life it is,

But why can’t I be myself?

Just myself, and not go with the flow…

Why do I have to pretend

to be a different person?

Why do I have to be

A puppet in the hands of the world?

My life if it is,

Then, why can’t I be the Lord?

Why am I to please everybody,

At the cost of my smiles..

My cheers?

Why can’t I even cry,

when I want to

vent out my tears?

Why do I have to hold them back,

so as not to hurt…

(huh) the ones who brought them into my eyes..!!

Why must someone else get to decide,

what my feelings should be?

Why can’t I think for myself,

decide for myself

what I want to see and

how I want the world to think of me?

What the heck! Even my dreams are not mine

They are made by others..

Which I have to follow

Coz’ that’s how the trend goes,

And that’s what they expect of Me!

I can’t be the one

who I really am.

The world says-“Go ahead and win over your dreams”,

but they never do help!

What have I gotten into, I wonder,

what have I just created?


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