Carry on Doctor Part II- Dr Jayati Nath

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Fried Eye Notes- If you remember we had brought out in one of our earlier edition, some hillarious accounts of Medical college days. We are following it up again as Dr Jayati Nath shares some more amusing tidbits from her Medical School days. Who says Doctors are boring? Just read on to have a glimpse of the humour in their life.

It was the SPM (social and preventive medicine)exam, just the next day of eid and coincidently there was a short note on IDD. In stead of Iodine Deficiency Disorder, one student wrote about Eid, delicious foods and then he wrote all about food poisoning and came out smiling blissfully unaware of the goof up, ecstatic that he had done a great job.

– as narrated by Dr Z to Dr Jayati

One of my sincere and brilliant batch-mate had a habit of jotting down each and every word that comes out of our beloved teachers mouth and I, along with a few others, being the escapist from routines, during the classes, use to copy his notes without knowing whats written on the pages.To our astonishment, while going through the notes before exams, we realized that, we are in no position to decipher the “gaps” in between few of the important words uttered by the teachers. Months later only we came to know that this guy puts a symbol for all the words/gestures by teachers and the “gaps” were given when the teacher paused for some moments in between.

– as narrated by Dr A

A group of students from a junior batch went to the ward for medicine evening clinics. They approached a senior resident for their evening clinics practical classes which used to be taken at bedside. One of the girls said “Dada please take our class” The girl went red with embarrassment when he replied, “go to the bed and get ready. I am coming”

– as narrated by Dr S

Once my friend was asked by a Surgery Postgraduate in viva voce , how a certain instrument was sterilized. He answered promptly”By boiling !” The PG to tease a little bit asked back ,”in water or urine ?” He was amused no end when he saw that the student had to think for a few minutes before replying doubtfully.”most probably in water…?”

Once a patient’s chief complaint was …” My left hand doesn’t seem to stay dry””…For the life of me, I couldn’t dream that he meant he had chronic diarrhoea and that it was his subtle way of reporting his disease!!!!!!

In a Physiology viva voce a lady Professor asked a student: “What are the effects of testosterone ? “ The student started replying “Ma’am, You grow bald, You grow a moustache..You have this…You have that…” when the exasperated Professor finally exclaimed “why don’t you stop saying “you”!!!!!

Onnce yours truly also made history by answering “…..and by the end of seventh intrauterune month, the testis descends down to the SPUTUM “….. Of course I had meant scrotum, which was the correct answer, but the look on the professor’s’s face…..PRICELESS !

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