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December 1, 2012 Off By Kate Wilson

Choosing the perfect nail polish for your nails can be a tough task and you need to pay attention to certain facts. Clothes that you wear on a particular day and the skin type are the primary concerns you need to address while choosing your nail polish.

Skin types

If you have a fair, skin opts for lighter shades as pink and beige. Shades with pink and blue undertones work well with fair skin. For people having tan to dark skin tone darker shades as brown, blue and black work wonders. Chocolate or garnet can be a perfect fit for the dark skin too. Vibrant purple and red can be a worthy try, in case you have a dark skin tone.

Choosing colors that match occasion

Always choose colors that match occasions. In case you are attending a professional event, it is imperative that you choose light colors in neutral shades. For a party or a friend’s get together, choose a brighter color as this will add a sparkle to your personality.

In case you are wearing nail polish to work, it makes little sense to match it with the dress. Neutral color or nude tones should be work for work. Keep the gold, silver and bronze shades for special occasions and parties with friends and family.

Colors similar to your lipsticks

Choose colors similar to your lipstick. Colors that look great on your face go well with feet and hands too. Have a collection of nail polish colors at home. Colors matching your lipstick should be a part of your collection. On similar lines, maintain a collection of nail polish in tandem with your wardrobe.

Reflection of seasons

Add a distinct touch to your personality by choosing a nail polish shade that reflects distinct seasons. In spring, you can opt for candy colored shades. Brighter and bolder shades look great in summers. Autumn is a distinct season and your persona will reflect in all its might, in case you choose gold, brown, and red in this season.

Cooler shades as ice blue will make your winters indeed special and is sure to make heads turn whenever you happen to be at a social gathering.

Collection based on mood

Add a tinge of fun and excitement to your nail polish collection. Maintain a collection of nail polish that goes in sync with your mood. You can try the same randomly. Your friends will definitely appreciate your move and you are sure to get popular amongst the group.

The right undertone

Red undertone will work wonders in case you have dark skin. Nail polish shades need to be chosen with care and in case you are going for red undertone choose brown or deep carmel shade. Gold undertones need to be used for medium skin. Pink nail polish shade works wonder for gold undertones Fair skin too can be complimented with a red undertone. Choose a nude nail polish having a creamy beige as this will help you counteract the red undertone and will help you make feel special at any occasion.

Follow the above listed tips and you are sure to attract the attention of everyone around, be it your friends or the family.



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