Beauty in profuse darkness ! – Tishta Tandon

December 1, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

                                                                                               Not too long ago, I visited Lansdowne,

While sitting in the balcony, I was forced to put my pen down,

And admire nature in its full bloom,

Leaving no one who saw it, in gloom!


The pitter patter of raindrops produced a serene sound,

And it destroyed what I had made- a lovely castle on a mound!


The roaring clouds had come so near,

That they made the children shake with fear!


Fortunately, the thunder did not last for long,

And it gave way for the bird’s song,

That resonated in the sky, shrouded with seven colours of heaven,

And called out to all the birds flying by,

Including an ecstatic raven!


Oh! The experience is hard to put in words,

Because I think it’s better felt, even by nerds!


I wish that such a day comes in everyone’s life,

When one is forced to put down one’s knife,

And stop cutting his way to success,

Too see how much our mother nature can harness,

Beauty even in profuse darkness!

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