Wedding gift ideas

You know what is the most dificult part of attending a marriage is no matter how eager you are for it? Finding the right gift. You would want something special for the newly weds of course. One which they would love, be of use and also be a message to them, that says you want the best for them in life. You would never want your gift to be buried in the obscure corners of a dusty storeroom, nor would you want it to be re-gifted to some strangers. Though the best way is to ask them upfront what they would love to have from you (if they are super close to you) , still here are some, which we captured while in Delhi Haat and which we really felt could make great gifts for all occaisions. The prices were reasonable and each of them had an individuality and uniquenes s in them to catch one’s eye at the first glance.

Lampshades which ranged from prices of Rs 800 to Rs 1500

Ceramic buddha heads with metallic sheen. Price on request

Glass ware and pendant lamps.

And finally, a whole lot of choices…

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  1. Fried Eye (Author)

    You won’t regret it we assure you 😀

  2. will try INS Haat next time whenever I happen to scuttle through Delhi 🙂

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