Waiting for the Day to Break

September 1, 2010 Off By Tinam Borah

Walking through a dark alley
In search of a light,
I felt lost, and lonely
Like the road would never end,
And I would never be happy again…

In search of my dreams
That existed beyond the horizon
I went ahead, refusing to retreat.
Knowing that the darkness would give way
To a stream of hope, to a bright day.

The endless road, the black tunnel,
Pervaded by a sea of quiet…
Conspired to tear me down
I was fighting hysteria, dying to give up
But the heart would not let me succumb.

After an infinity of numbness
I could see a faint light, far away
Ah! The night was over!
I took in my last breath and reached out for it,
With eternal hopes, of a new life to start with…

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