Under open skies tonight

June 1, 2011 Off By Fried Guest

-Nabarun Dev


Where do our fingers point tonight?

They do not point towards the sky-

No, not one .

The stars , they burn

in foolish pride for those

who live esurient facades of laughter.

We have our own skies, devoid of stars

They do not shine for us tonight.



The evening leads the twilight into a trance,

And our wings lighten away together.



The sun leaves us in two minds,

and it dies,

in our arms mumbling puissant  hopes,

fading with the veil of gossamery  night.

The air could become a barrier and

The pugnacious wind a bridge, the rains

Could drench us in filthy curses ;

In the ferocious floods

we might float together to the sea

And stay there forever.


These hands might be far, yet near,

These hands near, yet far,



We might melt into mountains-

Of pride, of stillness.

But we will remain

Maybe with different faces,

Maybe with different names,

Drowned in the mystical moonlight,

the same

ten fingers under the sky tonight.





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