The world is so beautiful tonight

I know the reason why I am alive;

The beautiful moon and shining stars

will be the witness

for the confluence of two souls tonight…;

let’s mingle our bodies

let’s mingle our hearts..

let my blood flow into your veins

like two rivers flowing into each other,

I will colour my feelings with your love

I will wear your existence on my body

come closer..let our breaths colloid,

A west wind passes our hearts making us heavier,

we fly higher and odyssey together,

the extreme ecstasy, when two souls melt into each other

in the confluence of eternal spiritual love…!!!!


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One thought on “Confluence…….

  1. Rupam, I quite liked your connecting to the night and wind imagery. however , i think the last line needs no exclamation. The twelvth line should be “come closer..let our breaths collide”. Regards,

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