Travelkhana: Making travelling experience different

Travelkhana: Making travelling experience different

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Jab Bhi Chahiye Badhiya Khana, Call karien TravelKhana!!

By Sanzeeta

As I reclined back lazily, after talking to Monica, the spokesperson for, I was amused by the emphasis and effort put on the back-end co-ordination for providing on-time fresh food to the traveling customers. Travelkhana took shape to make journey easy and comfortable for train passengers. It is a one-stop online space for booking food, checking for menu, tracking the order and checking time schedules of train too.

The service is made through partners with hotels or outlets in different cities and towns. It is a model based on “on-wheel meal” by linking passengers and food serving hotels. Travelkhana has both the non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals which suits the taste of every Indian as well as foreign travelers.

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 ‘Customer’s delight’ is the prime concern of Travelkhana tracks the train in real time and makes sure that fresh food is made available to the passenger on seat through its vast variety of restaurants on the Indian Railway network. Travelkhana website is user friendly and has easy to follow instructions. To order food the passenger has to select the date of journey, choose restaurant of specific station of choice after which the orders are accepted. The passengers can opt to pay online or by cash on delivery.

Travelkhana currently operates in 80 cities and is rapidly expanding across the Railway network. Their mission is ‘not to miss-out any customer’. When an order is booked, both the vendor and the customer are confirmed on his bookings. While selecting food vendors, travelkhana ensures that the vendors adheres to timelines for food delivery and have ability to make quality food delivery. Although there are operation challenges in this niche area of online food booking during train journey, there is huge demand for varieties of food ranging. But, passengers are in fact delighted about the online food booking services

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