The Culture Gully , Kingdom of Dreams

November 1, 2012 0 By Fried Eye Research Team


We are back with our lifestyle product watch or product review as you would like to call it and what we have for you in our Cinema special edition is a visual narration or a tour of The Culture Gully of the Kingdom of Dreams. Gurgaon Haryana


As the name suggests the setting, ambiance  effects, colours ,imagery, food, arts and crafts- can easily be compared to a magical world right out of bollywood, our original Kingdom of Dreams and maybe the reason why the entire experience is called the Kingdom of Dreams. 


The Kingdom of Dreams experience made famous by Sharukh Khan and Hussein’s Zangoora act, comprises of the Culture Gully which is a glamorized version of a Haat  or bazaar like setting or in refined terms -a culture walk, Nautanki Mahal or our very own Desi Moulin Rouge , the Show-sha theater arena, the name itself being self explanatory.


We feel that an act like Nautanki Mahal’s Zangoora should not be reviewed and thus the anticipation spoiled , but instead seen, felt and absorbed wholly for a totally new, awesome and enthralling dramatic and musical experience.

Hence what we are bringing before you today is Culture gully of Kingdom of Dreams which they rightly tout as a kaleidoscopic view of India’s unique cultural diversity. 


It is a sort of haat/bazaar like street walk with state pavilions, crafts bazaar, themed restaurants and bars, but describing it few odd words in such a way do sound a tad monotonous and does not do justice at all to the splendor and grandiose place. 

What strikes you the moment you set your eyes on them is the vibrancy – in the colours, the live music , the interesting architecture of the duplicated settings, the artificial sky like domed ceiling that gives the appearance of perpetual daylight reminding you instantly of the artificial roof of Hogwarts dining hall in Harry Potter… Yes, It truly is a dream. 


The visual stimulation is such a strong one that maybe it dulls your culinary or aromatic sense and hence we did find a slight chink in their almost perfect armor . The food was not awesome- as such but can be termed passable while in a few case you can generously comment on it as – good. You do find quite a good number of regional variety and you are sure to hit on a jackpot by trial and error method if you try.



The craft bazaar though slightly – just slightly on a higher range, was an impressive one and had the brand and show value of the Kingdom of Dreams. As they say there is no business like show business and this was indeed based on show biz totally.



Coming back to the basics it has ample sitting space, a kids’ sandy playground area and live folk music and dance all for you other than the obvious offerings and well equiped with all sort of public amenities including ATMs. 



Another awesome feature of the Culture Gully was the brilliant way of incorporating props from the past in its decor to give a celluloid effect and each and every artifact you see and note there is guaranteed to keep you engaged and awestruck till the time you are there. 

Tickets and pricings are given and explained in their official website and we would advise you to go through it before going for a booking. 


All in all it is an enjoyable experience that dooesnt wipe out your smile even after your budget reflection at the end of the day.

Recommended with full honours


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