North American Holidays: Exploring the Grand Canyon

North American Holidays: Exploring the Grand Canyon

November 15, 2012 0 By Fried Guest

There are thousands of travel destinations in North America to enjoy and explore. One of the premier destinations for those looking for an exciting holiday is the Grand Canyon. With majestic vistas and beautiful valleys, it’s no wonder that the Grand Canyon is visited by millions each year.

Best Time to Visit

Those looking for fun-filled North American holidays need look no further than the Grand Canyon between late spring and early fall. Both the North and South Rim of the canyon are opened during this period and all points in the interior of the canyon are accessible. The North Rim is closed during the winter due to snow cover on the road leading to the area.

Your first step to visiting the Grand Canyon is to choose where you want your journey into the canyon to begin. There are two primary entrances where services such as food and accommodations are offered to visitors. These are the North Rim area of the canyon and the opposing South Rim area. The South Rim is the more popular destination, with several quality hotels to stay at. Both areas offer spectacular views of the canyon without having to descend into the area itself. There are even roads along the canyon rims to drive down if you want to get a broad idea of the vast size of this natural wonder.

Things to Do at the Grand Canyon

Most visitors can’t wait to begin their journey down into the canyon. There are three general modes of travel into the canyon’s depths. You can enter by rafting along the Colorado River, hike down using one of the many trails or ride down on a mule.

Rafting into the canyon can be an adventure all by itself. The Colorado River carved out the canyon over a period of millions of years and still contains enough swift movement to make some areas of it a thrilling and challenging boating experience.

Hiking into the canyon should be done only if the visitor is in good shape and experienced with long hikes. Several trails have water stations along them where a hiker can refresh their water supply. However, before starting out, hikers should always check with park rangers to determine if the trail they intend to use has this amenity. Campsites are available within the canyon for those who wish to spend the night before hiking back out. The easiest method of reaching the canyon floor is by mule. The mules are generally gentle and offer a fairly smooth ride to the canyon bottom quickly and easily.

Once in the canyon, travelers can enjoy more hiking along easier trails than those that run into and out of the canyon itself. They can also go boating, fishing or swimming in the Colorado River, or simply enjoy the incredible views. For those enjoying singles holidays abroad in the canyon, tour groups are easily joined to mingle with other canyon enthusiasts.

There’s plenty to see and do at the Grand Canyon for group and singles vacations, making it one of the ultimate back to nature excursions in North America. There are no permits required for day trips into the canyon, but those intending to stay overnight should see a park ranger to obtain a backcountry permit.




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