Kisko Kitna Pata Hai- Theme Travel

  1. VALLEY of FLOWERS National Park is situated in which state?
  1. The SILENT VALLEY is in _____________________ hills?
  1. The Havelock Islands ( in the picture) is situated inquiz may
  1. The Garden of Five senses
  1. Where is Madan Kamdev located
  1. Humayun’s Tomb is a precursor  to _______________________.
  1. Which is not correct? A traveler travels to …..

a)      To know culture and food

b)      For profession

c)       For leisure

d)      To observe silence for some days

  1. Travel has motivated to take on with many professions. Which profession is not motivated by travel?

a)      Writer

b)      Photographer

c)       High commissioner

d)      Farming

  1. Which is not a travel  organization

a)      Thomas Cook

b)      Ho HO

c)       Trip Advisor

d)      Clear trip

  1. Huen Tsang was a well-known traveller who came to India through

a)      Silk route

b)      Golden triangle

c)       Stillwell road

d)      Nathu La


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