January 1, 2013 Off By Editor
Marriages are made in heaven.
They all say that , but if that was entirely true , we would have no use for wedding planners , or the neighborhood aunties , or the relatives we never met before the D day , or the friends and the numerous people we forget to thank for the daily survival.
From finding the perfect wedding dress and jewelry , food and catering for the guests ( specially for the groom’s family members ) , the gifts for bride & groom , new home , new family , honeymoon , the curiosities and the disappointments. There are one too many.
And We realized we could not cover it all in this one edition or many more if we kept track of !
So here’s to some good , bad , better and beautiful phases of life , related to weddings.
This is Mani & Pratibha taking  a huge sigh of relief as we present you these articles.
Read , learn , enjoy and get back to us with all your love and feedback !
Criticism we will take in another issue 😉
go on, have a lovely time
Happy new year 🙂

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