The Role of Social Media in Business Marketing and Promotion

April 1, 2012 Off By Priyanka Bhowmick


Gone are the days when social media was termed as a tool just for communicating with friends. Beyond chatting and sharing status updates, the social media bears a vital role which helps a person in promoting his business whether it’s online or offline. Top level social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and MySpace, today, accomplished a huge recognition in business marketing. In fact they have trespassed the reputation of email marketing which couldn’t prove to act as fast as the social media. Certainly, it’s their popularity and the appreciations they have achieved from the public.

Pages for Business


Creating a separate page for promoting business can bring profit to a company. The page should be enclosed with business information, contact details, links and photos so that public can obtain a basic knowledge about the organization. It should also provide space for the public so that they can communicate and input their questions in order to find a pleasing service. Moreover customers can be updated with the latest offers and deals the company is offering and allow them to participate for greater results.

Communicating with Customers for Service Feedbacks


Communication is one of the crucial tasks for business development. Public will think that a business is dead when they won’t find any answer to their questions. Customer is the king and they always seek for proper attention on their feedbacks and complaints. When made any complaint, they’ll always search for a positive reply which a company might not have all the time. In that case replying with a negative answer positively can save a business. When consumers are dissatisfied with an answer they opt never to come back which can be a huge loss for a company. Moreover, creating public polls and asking for feedback from the consumer brings a positive attribute towards the organization.

Social Media as Customer Support


Consumers are impatient people and they always look for quick replies. They invest their money trusting upon the products and services which remains at stake. When in trouble they’ll try to contact through phone or email and anticipate for a quick reply. A customer care might not offer 24×7 services but responding rapidly brings a positive outlook towards the organization. In regards to that, a social media can be a faster means to provide quick solutions to the customer. An executive who stays online constantly through social media, phone or live chat in order to supply fast services and feedback can be an aid to business expansion.

Social media might hamper a person’s time or studies but if noticed from a separate angle they hold a fundamental position in every person’s life. Today 80% of the communities are aware of a business through social network only because it is a faster medium of communication.

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