The Rendezvous / Le Liaison by Lightroom Poets

The Rendezvous / Le Liaison by Lightroom Poets

August 15, 2012 Off By Lightroom Poets

Let the spirit burn
And let me have
For what I yearn

Let me quench my desire
Like a fly
And the fire…
In you

He kept his gaze on the flickering light of the matchstick. The ice in his drink had begun to form little drops of water, like the sweat dripping from his feverish body. The desire for her visited him like a fever that he cooled down one sip at a time. It was time.

Dangling from a silver line
The sign of bondage so divine,
We shed our masks, to find once more
Unison, union and who we are

The candle light illuminated the room and she secured the hook of her silver anklet. Her long bare legs adorned by a single strand of silver. Her cool gaze followed his movements across the room. Her lips curled into a barely visible smile. Yes, it had begun.

Aah … intoxicated !!
As if I waited
For you to kill me like this
So that I can live again, with your kiss …

The candle threw light on the drink he had left for her on the table. He heard a rustle and looked up from his book, only to find her leaning against the door. He stubbed out his cigarette and looked at her intently – taking in the sight in front of him.

Ashes to ashes
And traitor to trust
Am starting to give in
To love and my lust

The night had brought them together in this lonely apartment. Their gazes burnt each other with anticipation but neither rushed the moment of surrender. He sat where he was, patient. She stood where she was, deliberate. Both took their time, resisting the charm of the other. This was one game to be played well.

Coy with flames
And such games
She’s playing
With my mind

Like shadows and light
In and out of sight
She’s losing herself
For me to find

She prowled across the room in small, deliberate steps. He understood that a woman like her knew how to build desire so subtly that it would dawn upon a man without a warning. She paused by the candles and in one deft move, knocked the candle on the floor. Its heat warmed her toes for a second. A shiver ran up his spines.

And you leave me
To douse the fire
Just to toy
With my desire

To burn you with my lust

He liked her silent provocation. He collected the drops of flame that had scattered from the candle while catching sight of her anklet glimmering in the light. He liked her sultry ways but he would never lower his guards around her. Not this time. And as he played with the fire, he knew neither would she succumb that easy.

With each sip she took,
She knocked me off my base
And held my hand helped me look
For pleasure in places

She hid her smile behind her glass. He sat back and watched her, as her eyes devoured him over the whiskey, her hair bunched in a careless assemble on her naked skin where his shirt had slipped from her shoulder. Her hair strands threw playful shadows across her face. He knew that look too well to realize that she had already made her move.

The burnt out end
Of the last cigarette
Not really knowing what fate
Had in store for me

In form of you…

He liked games and heaven knows he played them well. He smoked calmly unfolding the beauty in front of him with slow, lingering gaze. The shroud of indifference being his only defense – and attack. He watched her eyes narrow, her lips tighten. And he allowed himself a smirk. Would the next move be his, or hers?

Sudden upward swing
The desire to hold
The loose end of the string
And untangle your world
From this meaningless maze
Of second thoughts…

Not touching her but burning her skin, he trailed the cold silver, and teased her closer. She didn’t resist. Neither did she give in. She sat there with her head tilted, looking at him with an infuriating nonchalance. His jaws hardened as he twisted the anklet harder around his finger, letting it cut on her skin.

An intimate moment
As fragile as the smell
Of your perfume …
Forever spent ..
As you consume
My mind…  my body
My soul …

She inched closer to him, her eyes never leaving his. He felt the warmth of her body as her legs twined around him, slow but sure. He watched her lean closer, her warm breath burning his skin. He felt a searing pain as her nails scratched his back while she impatiently pulled down his shirt – and he couldn’t care less. With his eyes on those moist lips inching closer by the second, he knew how to get back at her.

Maybe there’s a God above
But all I’ve ever learned from love
Was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you
It’s not a cry you can hear at night
It’s not somebody who has seen the light
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah

Satiated, he lies down and closes his eye. The candles cast a flickering shadow on his bare back. He senses the gentle caress of her fingers down his spine – and his nerves become taut. Without even looking, he could see her hair, damp and messy, hanging loose on her bare shoulders. He could feel the bead of sweat trickling all the way down to her navel. He could see the slow curving of the corners of her mouth into a lazy smile. And the cold glint of the knife in her eyes – the one she held in her hand, barely touching his back. And, with a smile, he realized that she knew.

Just wait for me
To get back at you
With pleasured pain
You never knew
Another night awaits in dark
I’ll leave it to you with a question mark …

About the six inches of cold, lethal steel that he held in his hand right now.

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Saurabh Som
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