He looked at it longingly. He only had five, but it cost ten. He did not want to ask anyone for the rest. Why was he so unfortunate? With a heavy heart he gave the Scorpio a last look.

Just then a little beggar went by shouting: “My lucky day. Madam gave me ten rupees!”

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  1. Mani

    Uh huh! Am i that cryptic? Actually he was trying to buy a Scorpio SUV . He had 5 lakhs where as it cost 10 lakhs and so he was feeling deprived in contrast to the beggar who was elated with just 10 rs.

  2. Rakib

    huuuu… nice one … looks like he was trying to bye a lottery ticket….

    that’s the best pat…. gives lots of room to think……. loves it….

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